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Peak Premier Consulting

Facilitation Methodology


Our approach to this program will involve participatory processes

in order to reinforce the use of learned skills through a continuous improvement process.

Group Participation and Role playing

Video Programs

Experiential Adult Learning Techniques

Case Studies and Examples

Self Improvement Frameworks/Handbooks

Follow-up /Post Training Evaluation

Other Support Resources

Quality Videos

We shall offer suggestions for obtaining a quality video resource that can be put in place to strengthen the on-the job learning. The video programs are drawn from world renowned leading learning resources such as Video Arts, Learning resources and the British Council.


Quality Materials

Each session includes quality written materials or CDs to reinforce the topics. The materials will provide participants with an important information resource they can use to enhance their skills further.

Work place implementation teams

By assisting the participants to share what they have learned with others, the program will aim at strengthening efficiency and effectiveness and help the team to grow and develop a learning  culture- thus making the most of the company’s training investment.



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