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Peak Premier Consulting

About Us

About Us


Peak premier is a training and consulting company that partners with organizations to optimize value from Human Resource.

We provide efficient skilled training and business advisory solutions . Our services are aimed at supporting companies and organizations both in private and public sector to achieve their key objectives and maximize performance capabilities through staff skills development for growth and sustainability.

We support organizations make meaningful decisions and undertake initiatives that create value.


Our trainers are certified experts and professionals passionate about human capital development and on a mission to pass on knowledge and skills . We utilize a variety of assessment methodologies to ensure our Clients meet training initiatives for their business objectives.

Peak premier brings  a research-driven and entrepreneurial approach to problem solving and value creation. We have expertise to deliver solutions in response to different client needs whether it involves diagnosing the root cause of a problem or delivering advisory services in partnership with  our client. We take each engagement uniquely by assembling a team with the most appropriate experience and expertise.




We offer life changing and transformative seminars and workshops on topical areas critical to human capital development, organizations growth and sustainability.

The workshops are tailored on need based solutions. We believe that, in developing human capital it is important to look beyond traditional training programs. Our focus is on how the human side of your business thinks and behave, as well as on the skills they need to possess as your organization continues to develop and the environment continues to transform.



Our approach to this program will involve participatory processes

in order to reinforce the use of learned skills through a continuous improvement process.

Group Participation and Role Playing

Video Programs

Experiential Adult Learning Techniques

Case studies and Examples

Self Improvement Frameworks / Handbooks

Follow-Up /Post training Evaluation


The basic course will be tailor-made based on your specific needs.


Other Support Resources

Quality Videos

We shall offer suggestions for obtaining a quality video resource that can be put in place to strengthen the on-the job learning. The video programs are drawn from world renowned leading learning resources such as Video Arts, Learning resources and the British Council.


Quality Materials

Each session includes quality written materials or CDs to reinforce the topics. The materials will provide participants with an important information resource they can use to enhance their skills further.


Work place implementation teams

By assisting the participants to share what they have learned with others, the program will aim at strengthening efficiency and effectiveness and help the team to grow and develop a learning  culture- thus making the most of the company’s training investment.




1. Personal Action Plans

After each session, participants are given an opportunity to complete personal action plans and hold them accountable to apply the new skills learnt to their work situations. 

Participants are encouraged to keep their plans visible at the workplace and share the plans with their Coach / Mentors. Informal review sessions should be set up to discuss their progress in accomplishing their goals the supervisor’s development path.


2. Session Evaluations

Participants will have the opportunity to evaluate all the sessions and give their feedback, which will be reported and discussed with the management.


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